Children Dental Health

What better than to start the dental hygiene process from the society we stay in...

According to government estimates, more than 70% of school children are suffering from dental caries and more than 90% of the adult population is affected by periodontal disease. We strongly support the National Oral Health Program By Indian Dental Association, on its mission to Better Oral Health for the citizens of the country. And we ask everyone and every citizen of the country to support and promote the National Oral Health program by raising Oral health awareness in your areas for better dental health for your children and family, as every Smile is precious!

As per a recent study by Data Bridge Market Research, the Global Oral Care/Oral Hygiene Market is growing at a CAGR of 3.60% during the forecast period of 2019-2026.

One of the major driving factors which are proliferating the growth of the market is growing awareness of oral hygiene. We sincerely thank #FDA World Dental Federation Indian Dental Association for their consistent support to provide the world with the best dental healthcare facilities. 

Motivated and inspired by World Dental Federation Indian Dental Association, on the eve of Children's Day, Team databridgemarketresearch Collaborated with local #ngo, Yashhotam Pratisthan, as there #csractivity, to raise dental and oral Hygiene awareness in the rural schools of Maharashtra India.