Yoga Session - Stay Fit Stay Fine

A study done by University of Bristol researchers found that employees who exercised before or during work hours were better equipped to handle whatever challenges they had to face that day. It also found that their general mood improved on days they worked out and were less calm on days they did not.

Yoga Session - Stay Fit Stay Fine

Data Bridge Market Research organized the first session of Yoga At Home for our employees.

We believe Stressful deadlines, demanding workload and endless meetings can create a mental clutter that prevents you from concentrating on tasks and making intelligent decisions. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are a great way to effectively silence the noise and free the mind of clutter that is hindering productivity.

Yoga can help employees to relief such pain through fluid movements and stretches. It can also help lessen any tension caused by stress.

Encouraging employees to practice some simple yoga stretches can help tremendously.

The session was taken by Aakriti Dua.

This is just a beginning, many more session to go to keep our employee fit.
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